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The google pixel 5 specs and performance have been confirmed by google pixel 5 performance and specification although it is what we’re expecting some of you may be disappointed. google pixel 5 is going to be focusing on keeping the cost down and providing us with an incredible smartphone camera the recent 4A did exceptionally well in this area and the only thing it didn’t cater for was those who prefer a larger display. Google already confirmed that the Pixel 5 is going to be coming this year we’ve now got a leaked benchmark that confirms the performance and the specs of the pixel  5.

The google pixel 5 has appeared on benchmark and it confirms the presence of the snapdragon 765 G  eight gigabytes of ram and the fact that it will perform well but performance will not be over the top the pixel 5 actually scores less overall than its predecessors the 4 and the XL it got an overall score of 39.4  compared to the force 39.6 and the 4 XL 39.5. So clearly this is just marginally different but it further goes to show that the phone is going to perform well but it just won’t be a flagship the focus is again going to be on camera and experience we’ll get a nice display with incredible cameras.

google pixel 5

I mean people will still be able to use the pixel 5 for gaming they just won’t be able to play in the max detail at high frame rates the rumoured launch price for the Pixel 5 is 650 dollars this is likely going to equate to about 650 pounds. The display is going to be a 6.67-inch 120-hertz display so for those who want a bigger screen it’s definitely going to be worth holding out with the smooth pure android experience. The pixel tends to carry a large fan base and the decision to pull away from the flagships is a great move in my opinion as they released later in the year, anyway it was already a somewhat outdated chipset with the older devices and also with many users paying for performance that they would never actually utilize.

There’s a report stating that there’s also a   smaller 5A in the works as well but for those who want that you’ll be waiting at just under a year, the Pixel 5 is going to be launching on the 8th of October. And we know this thanks to a leak from google so for those that want it there’s  really not too much longer to wait if however you can’t wait and you do want a Smaller device there’s always the newly released 4a which was launched last week .

I’ve already provided a hands-on review for the pixel 4a so we’ll just take a look at that now for those of you that are interested in the pixel 4a we’ve got a 5.81-inch full-screen display with this punch-hole selfie camera in the top left it’s a full HD plus OLED display with a resolution of 2340 by 1080 it’s got a 24-bit colour depth HDR support and a   19 and a half by 9 aspect ratio giving us 443 pixels per inch .we’ve got a nice thin symmetrical bezel all the way around the phone which I really like and I much prefer it over its premium counterpart but it is worth noting that the chin is ever so slightly larger than the forehead but it is barely noticeable the selfie camera in the top left is an 8-megapixel sensor with an aperture of f 2.0 it’s a 1.12-micrometre sensor with fixed focus and an 84-degree field of view it takes 1080p photos and allows for 1080p at 30 frames a second.

If you’re taking a video there’s no in-display fingerprint scanner on the device and that’s because on the back we have the return of the physical fingerprint scanner and for me, it’s a very welcome return the pixel 4a XL has been one of my favourite devices so far but I wasn’t a fan of the solid radar or its face unlock only you can see they’ve stuck with the square camera module on the back which is an odd choice considering that we only have one camera but it is still a small module and it doesn’t protrude much from the case.

The camera appears to be the same camera as the pixel 4 primary camera   and that’s a 12.2 megapixel camera with an aperture of f 1.7 and a 77 degree   field of view it’s got a 1.4 micrometer sensor and it’s got a dual pixel phase   detect autofocus as well as optical and electronic stabilization it’s capable of   4k at 30 frames a second 1080p at 3060 or 120 and 720p at 3060 or 240 frames   as well as this we also have the led flash now on top is something that’s   going to please a lot of you out there and that’s the return of the three and   a half mil headphone jack as well as a secondary mic on the right hand side   of the device we’ve got the accent power button as well as a volume rocker on the   bottom is just a usbc port the primary mic and of course the speaker grilles on the left side it’s only got the sim card holder and there’s no dual sim support here so unfortunately it’s just a single nano sim card although it does also support esim now when it comes to the hardware running the google pixel 4a .

we’ve got the snapdragon 730G which isn’t a flagship chipset but it’s still very capable nonetheless even when it comes to the more demanding gaming it does fairly well we’re gonna cover it in more depth shortly we get six gigs of DDR 4 ram and that’s coupled with 128 gig storage but of course, being a pixel it offers unlimited google photos at high picture quality for those that may be worried about space it’s all powered by a 3140 milliamp-hour battery with 18-watt fast charge and I found it to easily last a day and it, of course, comes with android 10. so overall the pixel 4a is a decent choice for those who want a  cheap all-round phone but one that also takes decent photos so that’s it for the pixel 4a.

It’s a great time to be a pixel fan as whatever your needs there’s a pixel to suit but that’s all the information I’ve got for you guys today and if anything comes to light I’ll be sharing it with you guys straight away as always though I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments who out there is waiting for the google pixel 5 and what are your thoughts on this benchmark.

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