How you can create your business email address for free

 How you can create your business email address for free? So after Reading and Following this article instead of you using a normal Gmail account like this one ([email protected]), you’ll be able to use an email ID like [email protected] which looks a lot more professional. Now, this means you will be able to send or receive emails using addresses like [email protected] or [email protected] after you create your business email we’ll see, how you can connect your business email with Gmail .so that everything can be managed in one place.

So, all you need to have to follow this tutorial is a domain name with GoDaddy.So, if you don’t have a domain name, you can get it now just by Clicking here. So, you can get the domain and then follow this tutorial. So after you’ve got the domain. Now if you try to create an email account on that domain you would need to pay about 5 dollars a month for creating a business email So, In this article, I’ll be telling you how you can avoid paying that amount and create your business email address for free. Let’s get started!

We’re going to create a business email address in just 5 steps!

Step 1:-

The First Step Is to login to GoDaddy So, let’s go to and then click ‘sign in’. Now sign-in to your account. So we’re going to set up the email on the domain which is available for you guys.

create your business email address for free

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STEP 2:-

Step 2- Which is to create an email forward in Go Daddy by creating the forward we’ll be able to forward all the emails coming to your business email to your Gmail inbox, let’s create a forward, let’s scroll down And click ‘additional products’ then next to email forwarding click ‘redeem’.

create your business email address for free

Now click ‘create forward’. Now, in this field, enter the business email address that you want to create. It can be [email protected] So I’m going to type [email protected] Now when you type @ it will automatically show the domain that you’ve purchased on your Go daddy account. So you can select it and then you need to enter your email address. Now here we’re telling Go Daddy to forward, all the emails sent to this address to our email address Okay! So let’s click create! And our email forward has been created.

create your business email address for free
create your business email address for free

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STEP 3:-

STEP 3- Which is to check if our DNS settings are correct. To ensure, that the emails are being forwarded, we need to make sure, that our DNS is set up correctly. So to check our DNS settings Click ‘tools’ And click ‘server settings’ .now you can see that we’re getting an error message which says “No MX records were found”.

create your business email address for free

So this means, the forward, we just created will not work and enter the settings given here. So let’s fix the DNS by going to GoDaddy.Then click ‘my products’ Now next to your domain name click ‘DNS’ So, we’re going to add our MX records on the page appear.let’s scroll down and click ‘add’ And choose the type ‘MX’ Now in the field, just type ‘@’ and now we need to copy-paste the correct server settings in this box. let’s go back to the page and copy the text and paste it as shown in the image.Now, enter ‘0’in this field And click ‘save’ Okay, so the first entry has been added.