MacBook Pro 2019-Price, Specs

What is a good laptop? Well, that varies from person to person. Some may need a laptop for office purposes, Some need it for entertainment, video editing, or gaming Now it is difficult to do all this work on a single laptop. No, Because there is one laptop on which you can do all this work but. Its the price is.. more than 2 lakh rupees. Yes, Macbook Pro 2019 16 inches. Now how is this laptop and what’s interesting in it? What’s new in it? And does it even justify it’s 2 lakh price or not? What can I say about its looks? I have never seen such a beautiful laptop in my life. The way it has been crafted.within the first touch you will understand that you are holding a premium device in your hand. I mean aluminium bodies are just first class.¬†

 macbook pro

Features of MacBook-

So, it will take some time to set up after you turn on the laptop. So this runs on Intel I9 Octa-Core processor, It’s clock speed is 2.3 which can go up to 4.8 after turbo boost. Let me tell you that it is the same processor which was there in previous versions But they had heating issues. In this company claims that they have provided a bigger heat sink, so the cooling capacity has been increased up to a good number. With that, it runs on Radeon pro 5500M with 4GB of GDDR6 graphic card. In this, you get 1 TB storage which you can expand up to 8 TB RAM is of 16 GB which you can expand up to 64GB and this works on Bluetooth 5.O. Guys so many specs are loaded in this and you have an option to update hardware But after doing all this it’s price will be twice of its original price, I mean just understand it will be on the next level.


¬†Firstly let’s talk about its display If we talk about its display then you get a 16-inch retina display in MacBook pro 2019. Basically retina is nothing it is just a marketing term for Apple In which they call dense pixel pictures as retina display Its resolution is 3072 x 1920 pixels and the brightness level is 500 NITS Which means you can watch Netflix, YouTube or do web browsing or word processing every content looks vibrant, sharp and clear bright. Overall it is a very good display. Now let’s talk about things Apple has worked most on, First is keyboard, company is calling it a magic keyboard and magic in this is that the buttons in them their travel distance has been reduced to 1 mm by Apple.

Because of which you don’t have to stress while typing and sound have also changed. With that, you get a physical button for escape and the fingerprint sensor has been removed from the touch-bar. So now you can easily differentiate between touch-bar and fingerprint sensor. That’s a good thing. With a keyboard let me tell you about its touchpad and people who use laptops know that the Macbook pro touchpad is the best. You have so much space to scroll and earlier it was responsive but now with the new OS it is more responsive and new hardware is supporting it nicely with that its touch bar. You get basic control as well as customization options too Which is a very good thing because the fingerprint sensor is different now.

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 Sound system-

The next thing on which they have worked a lot is a sound system In which you get 2 woofers and 4 speakers and the company claims That two woofers absorb each other’s vibrations and give you rich &amp clear sound . I have never heard such output of any laptop ever This much rich, premium, clear sound output that too from a laptop It’s like you are having a mini Bluetooth speaker with you in this laptop. You will not need anything else .

Port and Weight 

If I talk about its ports then you get 4 Thunderbolt 3 type C ports 2 are on its right side and the other 2 are on the left side. On the right side, there is one more thing i.e. headphone jack, It is a good thing that they have given this. Even after loading with so many specs.. just look at its thickness, it is still slim It is thick from previous versions because is having a big heating sink. Because of which the cooling capacity of this laptop has increased. Its weight is still just 2 kg, So after having so many things. This slim laptop weight is also ok. I am impressed.

Mike setup-

In Macbook pro 2019, you get 3 mike setup on which Apple is saying that it gives studio-quality output and you were listening to its output. You need a good battery to run this much-loaded specs So, Apple has focused on it and has given 100 W/h battery and this is a maximum limit. You can not carry a battery bigger than this on flights. So you can easily use this if you use WiFi and do when browsing. watch YouTube then it gives you 11 hrs backup and which is a very big number, it is a big thing for a laptop to give this much backup Now question is this What I feel about this laptop? Obviously it is very good the kind of specs it has provided, The kind of hardware it has, it is a full power combo pack. If you have money and you want to buy it.

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