Samsung Galaxy Buds: Full Review

 The Samsung Galaxy Buds, they were announced alongside the Galaxy S10 late last week. The first thing you notice is the size of these guys. Look how much smaller they are than last year’s Gear IconXs. Not that the Gear IconXs were big. I don’t think they were, but they managed to basically make the new size half of what it used to be. I mean the thickness, it’s not nearly as thick as the IconXs, and its total width and height are even smaller. The next thing you notice is the plastic. The IconXs have this little matte finish on the top which gives it some more grip. This one doesn’t have that grip anymore. This package does feel a little bit more durable even though it’s using plastic. It’s just great if you’re putting it in your pocket. Like, You’re walking down the street. You got your banana buds in there. They’re not really sticking out compared to other truly wireless earbuds. But overall, I love the new design. They’ve capped the USB Type-C and completely removed the pairing button on the side. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds,

The way you pair the earbuds now is basically you open up the case, your Samsung device or other android device detects it, and automatically takes care of the pairing process. Now if you’re an iPhone user, you have to do it the old school way by going into your Bluetooth And connecting it manually. Now I just wanna talk about battery life quickly. The battery life with these guys on a single charge is really good. You’re getting about six hours of use before you need to charge it. The case itself, because it’s slimmer now, you don’t have as many charges inside. You’re basically getting an extra six to seven hours of use before you need to charge them again. Now quite frankly, I would rather take this size, lose a bit of battery because I like the pocketability of them. 

On top of that, you can also wirelessly charge these. You can put them on the back of your Samsung device which has a new feature called PowerShare. So all you do is basically turn on PowerShare, put your Samsung Galaxy Buds on top, and they automatically start charging. If you’re looking for the best sound, you’re not gonna buy these things. Again, these are $130 cheaper than the Apple AirPods, and the sound quality is probably on par with the AirPods. So good enough for listening to music, making phone calls, and of course, watching content. Now the one thing that people always ask me is does it have audio lag? And there are some cheap earbuds out there. If you put them on and you start watching movies, there’s a little bit of a delay. There’s no delay here. It doesn’t matter if I’m watching Netflix, doesn’t matter if I’m using an iPhone, or doesn’t matter if I’m using a different Android device. No audio lag whatsoever. Call quality is also good. Not as good as having the smartphone directly connected to your ear, but good enough.

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 The person on the other line didn’t complain about my voice or my tone, and I didn’t have any issues hearing them either. Now the only thing that’s a little bit different is the way you can control these buds. The buds themselves look exactly the same or quite close to last year’s IconX. You have little wingtips on the side to keep them securely in your ear. You have extra buds or extra bud tips inside of the box that you can change out depending on your ear size. They are splash-resistant, so if you get a little bit of water on this, they’re not gonna get damaged, and they’re fantastic if you’re a runner or someone who’s constantly on the move. I didn’t find they had any issues falling out when I was doing strenuous activity.

 Now the one thing that I don’t like is basically the controls. They’re very, very basic. With other earphones like the Sennheiser Momentums, for example, if I take the earbud out of my ear, the music automatically pauses, and it resumes function as soon as I put it back inside. The other thing I don’t like is you can’t control the volume using your earbuds. Now I’m not gonna nitpick over this because of the price, the price is really good, but it would have been nice to have that volume control on the earbud. The only thing the earbuds can be used for is to pause, play, answer phone calls, you can double-tap to change the song, or triple-tap to go back to the previous song before that. They are introducing a brand new ambient mode. So basically what happens is it allows you to listen to the outside world without completely dampening the sound. 

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So here’s the bottom line. The Samsung Galaxy Buds may not have the best sound and, of course, the best battery life, but it’s still pretty solid. For $130 what you’re essentially getting is a solid package. The sound is good enough for your everyday commute or going to the gym or even listening on a plane. The size of it is fantastic. Most other earbuds that come in this package are usually a little bit thicker or a little bit bigger. It works perfectly with your Galaxy device. If you open it up, it automatically pairs. Something that we’ve been missing from Android for a very, very long time, and the price is fantastic. For $130 you really can’t complain. I definitely recommend these if you want something with a little bit better sound.

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