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The Samsung Galaxy S21 is coming with a new chip to deliver incredible performance.we’ve got news on updates that we’re likely to see in the galaxy S21 as well as details of a  new chip that’s set to bring incredible performance. The recent change in naming structure was thought to be introduced in order to bring the model name in line with the year, meaning the next device we’re going to get is the galaxy S21 because the year is 2021.  Now, this could be wrong but we hope it will actually be better as we know Samsung has been collaborating with AMD  and arm to bring custom CPU cores to its in-house chipsets.  Reports are suggesting that these are going to be used in the Galaxy S21 and   Samsung is now aiming to become the top android application processor maker.

When it comes to the actual design of the Samsung galaxy s21 the truth is it really doesn’t matter too much right now well there may be design in mind and a prototype already out there at, Samsung it won’t have been finalized just yet so it could of course still change we can, however, get information on hardware and specs that are unlikely to change the first actual leak. we have comes from well-known like ice universe and he published a tweet last week to say that Samsung is considering an in-display camera sensor on the Samsung galaxy s21,  he advises that they’re evaluating the feasibility of the technology and if it’s ready then it will be in the galaxy s21   everyone has been very excited for this new technology and it’s always been expected that 2021 is going to be the year it’s delivered.

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We can finally have a full-screen display without motorized parts and the only thing that people are worried about is the additional cost that it might bring. we’ve also got reports suggesting that this in-display selfie camera is going to be using a half-inch selfie sensor with a 48-megapixel resolution. The Samsung Galaxy S21 will, of course, be using the new and improved next-generation OLED display .we’ve had patterns filed for curved displays with protruding buttons, we’ve now got a new pattern showcasing a very curved display.

  The patent was discovered by let’s go digital and it was rendered by concept creator, it shows a display that’s not only curved at both edges but it also has curves at the top and the bottom .while it does look similar to the new design from Huawei it’s actually very different Huawei is just the glass and not the display itself the patent is for the screen to curve on all edges and it includes the rounded-off corners now we know it is intended for a galaxy as it was listed as a galaxy smartphone display. And it’s also logged as that on the world intellectual property office database, its full-screen design means that it will, of course, have an in-display fingerprint scanner and it helped fuels reports that the in-display selfie camera will be there as well some people are speculating that.

This is of course for the note 20   but many believe it’s for the galaxy s21 next we’ve got news of an incredible 150-megapixel nano cell camera to debut in the galaxy s21 they already broke records with the latest 108-megapixel sensor that we saw in the S20 ultra and now they’re pushing the boundaries even further the new 150-megapixel camera is going to be launching towards the end of this year, which will most likely be too late for the note range and this means we could well have it debuting in the galaxy S21.

We also had patents filed by Samsung for multiple technologies that could also be present in the galaxy S21 .we had a patent for a holographic projector to produce stereoscopic images in the air almost like a 3d hologram. well, it could be a cool feature I think it’s just too gimmicky and not something we’ll see in the s21. we also had patents filed for a lot of sensors that were initially thought to be in the galaxy note 20 but they are now looking very unlikely, this means if they are to go ahead with these plans.  then we could well see them in the s21 instead. First, we’ve got a mention of an electromyography or EMG sensor now EMG is used to measure electrical signals, generated by muscles and can be used to assess the health of a muscle and the nerve cells that control them.

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we also have mention of an electroencephalogram sensor or EEG sensor this is again to measure electrical signals but instead of muscles EEG sensors are for measuring our brain activity finally we have the electro cardio or ECG sensor this measures the electrical activity of the heart and help diagnose abnormal heart rhythms well we always get many patterns filed which do fuel rumours of new features I believe if any is to be true then it’s going to be the new sensors that we see in the s21 while a holographic projector would be an incredible feature it would be very limited in its use and not something I can see them doing fitness and health are very popular at the moment and used commonly in today’s smartphone peripherals so I think this would be a great fit for the S21 now.

They’ll, of course, be using the snapdragon 875   which is a 5-nanometer system on the chip it’s going to provide better performance and efficiency over the current chipsets used and unfortunately, as usual, this is only going to be for certain regions including North America and for most markets. globally we’ll be getting the equivalent Exynos chip that doesn’t actually perform as well .we’ll likely get the usual choices of   128, 256, or 512 internal storage this will, of course, be UFS 3.1.

When it comes to ram we’ll likely be getting a choice of 12 or 16 gigs of ram which is still more than we’re ever gonna need there will likely be a hybrid sim tray to support micro sd cards but there won’t be a three and a half mil audio jack it’s going to have all of the usual sensors and we can, of course, expect an in-display fingerprint scanner until the design and the screen sizes are finalized .we, unfortunately, can’t estimate the battery capacity but expect slight improvements on the predecessors and of course wireless and reverse wireless charging as always it’s going to be ip68 water-resistant and when it comes to price it’s no doubt going to be expensive Samsung surprised us with just how high the galaxy s20 ultra launched at so it’s going to be interesting to see if they create another very premium device or work at bringing this cost down, of course, there’s, unfortunately, a lot of speculation right now.

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