Top 5 Technical Skills – 2020

Top 5 Technical Skills for 2020

To determine the top in-demand Technical skills we have looked into the the following data :-
  • Top High pay-scale
  • Challenging tasks
  • Valuable Certifications

1. Cloud Computing

In a recent year there was a lot of discussion happened on cloud computing especially in giant firms like, Microsoft, Amazon web services and Google Cloud.

Cloud computing has changed the game of the IT world.

It has opened a variety of jobs in the field of Artificial intelligence and IoT (Internet of things).

The market of cloud computing is expected to grow by 16.5% this year.

Here you can find out the average pay-scale of Cloud engineers


2. Cybersecurity  

When it comes to data there is too much stake is put on securing that personal data. Therefore, securing these data is one of the top major concern of major companies and hence companies are willing to hire the best and advance network securing agencies at huge prices.

“Security, it’s an arms race. We as a society are continuing to improve our defenses, and I think this also underscores that there are just constant attacks from people who are trying to take over account information and steal it from people in our community.”

According recent resources, AWS has pushed itself into 1 trillion cybersecurity market for over next 5 years at least.

Here you can find out the average pay-scale of Cybersecurity engineers


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3. Data Analyst

Here I am especially going to mention the future of a DATA ANALYST in India.

As a result there is a massive study to this future.

As expected the data in India estimated to grow by 50 times by the end of 2020, resulting the jobs of data analyst to be in demand. In the starting of this year it has been unofficially announced that there are going to be around 78,000 jobs by top companies like JPMorgan, Adobe, Flipkart, Microsoft and Accenture.

Here you can find out the average pay-scale of Data Analyst


4. Full Stack-Developer (Web, Software, Mobile)

Developer of anything you want to be, there is always a great opportunity sustain in this field.

Developers are the basic and fundamentals needs of any IT company.

The new vision for developers might be in AI, Virtual Reality, 360-Degree video, Motion User Interface.

Most demanding people are going to be the full stack developers, these are the developers who basically works both on Front-End as well as Back-End of of the software. Nowadays, Companies are preferring full stack developers because they can deal with multiple aspects of the project than any other programmer/coder.

Companies are paying handsome amount to these developers of around 6.0 LPA – 16.0 LPA.

Here you can find out the average pay-scale of Developer


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5. Block chain Engineering

Block Chain might be a new term for most you, but as our data increasing day by day the decentralization distribution of data is to be needed. It is the equal access to the data for everyone with almost full transparency, of course Block Chain way more big than this example.




So these are the Top 5 Technical Skills of 2020 that will be in demand.

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